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The 2015 Cadilllac Escalade A First Look

The 4th Generation Escalade 

Clearly proven as the best selling luxury SUV ever. The Cadillac Escalade is ready to make it's debut, for 2015. what we have here is an even bigger bolder design, an upgrade if possible on the boldness that defined the the world's most luxurious Sport Utility Vehicle. Somehow someway the thinktank over at General Motors continued to improve upon themselves consistently. Not many know of the steps it took for Escalade to become America's number one Luxury SUV.

The beginning...We remember back in 199 when we saw the first one. Escalade ? What is it? We all wondered I for one thought for a long time it was an undercover Denali, I just didn't say anything. Over the next year GM did a really good job of marketing the Ultra-SUV and we all became a little more familiar with General Motors foray onto the Luxury-SUV game. AS a late entrant into the Ultra-competitive market. They went right into the thick of things. Calling out the big boys by placing the Escalade in direct competition with such heavyweights as the Infiniti QX56, Mercedes Benz's much coveted GL- Class, Lexus LX and the
reigning champ at the time the ever popular Lincoln Navigator. The 2001 Lincoln Navigator was voted on numerous occasions as being the “Luxury SUV” of the year and I have to say they do look good in Black.
The second-generation 2002-2006. I mean we all know the high standards and expectations of excellence strongly associated with Cadillac and was expected the same when it cam to their SUV”s. That first generation Escalade like I said before, “I don't know” I still say it looks like an undercover Denali, at least to me. All that was taken care of with the second-generation Escalade, it was clear Gm had now given the Escalade its own platform. This was clearly a Cadillac, immediately the 2002 edition shot to the top as the best SUV in several ways. This model captured the public also becoming one of the most popular vehicles of any type over the next 3 years. Virtually unheard of in the automotive industry yet somehow the Cadillac Escalade had a successful 5-year model run. It had far exceeded any and all expectations General Motors could have ever had. And the one question that was one everyone's mind was plain and clear...what's next?
Much like Michael Jordan over hearing challenge from a rival GM took it personal to respond to the public's questions of an encore. Somehow somewhere in the midst of all the excitement we all lost sight of the fact that they were still Cadillac. So they took the time to remind us. The 2007 Cadillac Escalade was the “Official Vehicle Of Super Bowl XL” they actually gave the game's Most Valuable Player Hines Ward one of the first one's produced. The redesign was once again was more than any of could ever hope for, The Escalade remained at the top. The redesigned front end was a big reason as was a clear favorite of Cadillac enthusiast. The Hybrid version debuted shortly after in 2008, another successful General Motors product. A lot of the reason they were such a popular ride around town at the time is that they offered a truly insane host of features standard! Such unheard of features as;
  • Air Conditioning with Tri-Zone climate controls
  • Tilt Faux Wood & Real Leather-wrapped steering wheel with Radio controls
  • Cruise control
  • Leather upholstery
  • Heated front and 2nd-row seats
  • 14-way power front seats
  • Memory system

  • Remote engine start Premium Bose Sound System
  • 6-disc CD changer with rear radio controls
  • Compass
  • Power lift-gate
  • Outside-temperature indicator
    Then the Platinum Edition adds:
  • A DVD entertainment system
  • Navigation system Heated and Cooled Cup-holders
  • Rear-view camera
  • Cooled front seats
  • Upgraded leather upholstery
  • Power-retractable running boards.
This was 3rd generation Escalade and it was by far the most popular. Many would agree the that the 3rd generation had a very successful run. In fact many could argue one of the most successful in the brief history of Luxury SUV's. Everyone it seemed was simply trying to keep up as the Escalade became synonymous with SUV. General Motors had successfully made it the most popular vehicle in the world. Even though the model continues to show success GM decided to introduce the 4th generation Escalade. We can only hope the 4th generation will be as well received as the rest where. So far so good unveiled in October of this year the 4th Generation has received reviews from some of the best. We have to wait until Spring of 2015 to pick one up since they will go on sale as the 2015 Model. Seems like along time to have to wait but it is a Cadillac. And as we all know Cadillac consumers tend to have a slightly higher standard than the rest of us.